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Q: Is my Paper valid also for 2021 conference?

A: Yes. You can keep your paper for July 2021, but we need your paper in the new template, available on the web. The congress will be fully virtual.


Q: If I submitted a peer-reviewed Paper and want to change it/edit it for 2021, may I?

A: Yes. Each peer reviewed paper can be kept as it is or you can withdraw it from the system and submit a new abstract and new paper for 2021 following the usual deadlines for peer reviewed papers. In this last case a new peer review process will be done.


Q: If I submitted a peer-reviewed Paper and want to publish it this year somewhere else, should I withdraw it from the system and upload it next year again? Can it still be submitted as peer-reviewed?

A: (see the previous answer). If the withdrawn paper is submitted to a different conference in 2020-21, a new abstract and new paper must be submitted)


Q: If I want to withdraw my Paper from the system and use it for another conference for this year, can I?

A: Yes, you can submit a new abstract and paper for ICSV27 in 2021 following the deadlines for the specific kind of paper.


Q: Is the Paper published if the conference is cancelled? Scopus / WoS?

A: ICSV27 has not been cancelled, so the Scopus / WoS indexing is postponed to the year 2021.

Electronic versions of all accepted full papers will be submitted for publication in "Scopus" and the "Web of Science".

Q: What is the new deadline for Papers?

A:  We have postponed the deadline for new abstracts to 31 January 2021. The other 2021 deadlines are the similar to those for 2020: 31 January 2021 for Peer Reviewed papers, 15 May 2021 for Full-Length Submission , 20 May 2021 for Notification of Acceptance of Full-Length Papers.

Q: If I want to make minor corrections or updating changes to my abstract or full paper, do I have to delete and resubmit them?

A: You should be able to resubmit the updated abstract or full paper to the ICSV27 website and they will over-write the previous versions automatically.

Q: Can I submit either an already accepted abstract or the new two-page abstract instead of the full paper? 

A: YES. THE OLD OR NEW 2-PAGE ABSTRACT CAN BE USED. The idea to allow those with only an abstract to take part is for participants to take part who do not have time to write a full paper at this late stage. This new rule is exceptional for this year and the virtual format. Please note that you cannot use an abstract INSTEAD OF an existing full paper. Paying your registration fee and preparing your visual aids, then you can be included in the technical programme.  If you want your abstract included in the proceedings, then it should be put on the new template. All papers incl. old one-page abstract or the new two-page one have to be on the new template. The advantage of the new two-page abstract is that it can have a figure or two and even an equstion, a brief conclusion and/or a reference.

If I have to submit the new two-page abstract, not an already accepted abstract, is there a template for the two-page abstract? 

A: You can use the new full paper template without any problem.

Should the two-page abstract include the introduction, reference, etc.?

A: Already discussed in above. The abstract can be a little shorter and they can include any part of a full eight-page paper they can fit into a two-page extended abstract. The citation indexes will only include those short or long papers if they are on the correct template. 


Q: What is the new deadline for Early Registration?

A:  We have extended the deadline till April 15, 2021


Q: What is the new deadline for Late registration?

A: May 31, 2021


Q: Is my original registration for this year valid also for 2021?

A: As the format was changed to virtual, we need you do the NEW registration - via ICSV27 web. If you pay your registration for Prague congress already before, you do NOT need to pay again - please, click on option "I have a credit from ICSV 2020". For the refund of the difference between old and new registration fee, contact the secretariat on support@icsv27.org 

Q: How to proceed if I will not take part of the virtual ICSV27? I have paid my registration fee and want it back, how can I get it?

Please send your Order confirmation and full details to support@icsv27.org and we will refund your money back. Please send your request till May 15, 2021. After this time, only refunds on special requests will be send back.

The registration fee cancellation policy for 2021 is as follows:  Refunds of 75% of the total registration fee will be allowed before March 31, 2021. After May 15, 2021 no fee refunds will be given.



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