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Q: Is my Paper valid also for next year´s conference?

A: Yes. You can keep your paper for July 2021 in Prague


Q: If I submitted a peer-reviewed Paper and want to change it/edit it for Prague 2021, may I?

A: Yes. Each peer reviewed paper can be kept as it is or you can withdraw it from the system and submit a new abstract and new paper for 2021 following the usual deadlines for peer reviewed papers. In this last case a new peer review process will be done.


Q: If I submitted a peer-reviewed Paper and want to publish it this year 2020 somewhere else, should I withdraw it from the system and upload it next year again? Can it still be submitted as peer-reviewed?

A: (see the previous answer). If the withdrawn paper is submitted to a different conference in 2020, a new abstract and new paper must be submitted)


Q: If I want to withdraw my Paper from the system and use it for another conference for this year 2020, can I?

A: Yes, you can submit a new abstract and paper for ICSV27 in 2021 following the deadlines for the specific kind of paper.


Q: Is the Paper published if the conference is cancelled? Scopus / WoS?

A: ICSV27 has not been cancelled, so the Scopus / WoS indexing is postponed to the next year 2021.


Q: What is the new deadline for Non-peer reviewed Papers?

A:  We have postponed the deadline for new abstracts to 31 January 2021. The other 2021 deadlines are the similar to those for 2020: 28 February 2021 for acceptance, 31 March 2021 for Full-Length Submission , 1 May 2021 for Notification of Acceptance of Full-Length Papers.

Q: If I want to make minor corrections or updating changes to my abstract or full paper, do I have to delete and resubmit them?

A: You should be able to resubmit the updated abstract or full paper to the ICSV27 website and they will over-write the previous versions automatically.


Q: What is the new deadline for Early Registration?

A: March 31, 2021


Q: What is the new deadline for Late registration?

A: May 31, 2021


Q: Is my original registration for this year valid also for 2021?

A: Yes, all existing registrations are valid for ICSV27 in 2021 as well; you don’t need to register again.


Q: If I need my 2020 registration fee back, how can I get it?

A: Please send your Order confrimation and full details to support@icsv27.org and we will refund your money back. Please send your request till May 30, 2020. After this time, only refunds on special requests will be send back.


Q: If I registered in the Early Bird phase and need my registration fee returned, can I later re-register for next year also in the Early Bird phase?

A: YES, but the payment is due before 31 December 2020


The registration fee cancellation policy for 2021 is as follows:  Refunds of 50% of the total registration fee will be allowed before March 31st, 2021. After that no fee refunds will be given.



Q: Is my invitation letter valid for next year too?

A: If you were provided an Invitation letter, please note, that the document was written for 2020 dates.The embassy or cosulate in your country might want a new Invitation letter for your travel visa. Please contact support@icsv27.org and we will issue a new document for you.

Q: In case my country will not allow me to travel next year 2021 and I will not get a visa, will I be refunded my registration fee?

A: In such a case, please contact support@icsv27.org with full details and we will consider this as a special request.

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